TCAP & State Standardized Testing

TCAP & TNReady State Standardized Testing

As required by Public Chapter 892, this site contains information about state mandated assessments for the school year that will be utilized at Newport Grammar School.

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Lenora Douglas
Assessment Coordinator

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2024-2025 Testing Dates


Grades 3-8

Subjects:  ELA and Math (grades K-8), Science (grades 3-8), and Social Studies (grades 6-8)

Purpose:  This test is given to help measure how much a student grows academically over the course of a school year. A student's performance on this assessment will count for 15% of their final average in the subject area.  No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 §1111 (b) and T.C.A §49-1-602 pertaining to district and school accountability. ELSA is administered in accordance with the No child Left Behind Act of 2001 §1111 (b)(3)(ix-x).  Modified assessments in Braille and large print are administered in accordance with the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 §1111 (b)(3)(C)(ix)(II).


  • English: 180-230 minutes
  • Mathematics: 115-125 minutes
  • Science: 50-75 minutes
  • Social Studies: 100 minutes

Results: Reports will be distributed to students by the school following their arrival from the TNDOE. Quick Score grades will be printed on students' final report cards for the school year (if available in time).

Grades 3-5: April 14-May 2 (window by Dept of Ed)
Grades 6-8: April 14-May 6 (window by Dept of Ed)

State Standards Benchmark Schedule

Grades K-8

Subjects:  ELA and Math (grades K-8) and Science and Social Studies (grades 3-8)

Purpose:  Data from this assessment is utilized to assess instructional practices and progress towards mastery of state standards.

  varies by grade/subject area (typically 40 questions or less)

Results:  provided following close of testing window

Benchmark #1

  • Grades 1-2 Benchmark 1: Sept. 18 - 29
  • Grades 3-8 Benchmark 1: Sept. 18 - 29

Benchmark #2 
before Christmas/New Year Break

  • Grades K-2 Benchmark 2: Dec. 2 - Dec. 20
  • Grades 3-8 Benchmark 2: Dec. 2 - Dec. 20

Benchmark #3 
allows 1-2 weeks of review prior to TCAP testing

  • Grades K-2 Benchmark 3: Feb. 24-March 21
  • Grades 3-8 Benchmark 3: Feb. 24-March 21

AimsWeb Universal Screener

Grades K-8

Subjects: ELA and Math

Purpose: These screenings are mandated by state policy and help support our “Response to Instruction and Intervention”(RTI) initiative. Students who demonstrate a need for intervention are required by state policy to participate in progress monitoring. These assessments are administered three times per year to all students in grades K-8 during times known as “Universal Screenings.”

Length: varies by subject/grade

Results: These results will be utilized by school personnel to tailor the design of each child’s intervention. Students who are making expected progress are identified as Tier I. Those students who are identified through RTI as Tier II or Tier III are in need of intervention. Parents of students identified as Tier II or Tier III will be notified through written communication or conference at the end of each universal screening window.

Benchmark #1

  • Grades 1-2 Benchmark 1: August 17-24
  • Grades 3-8 Benchmark 1: August 15-26

Benchmark #2

  • Grades K-2 Benchmark 2: November 17- December 11
  • Grades 3-8 Benchmark 2: December 1-11

Benchmark #3

  • Grades K-2 Benchmark 3: April 12-23
  • Grades 3-8 Benchmark 3: May 3-7


Grades K-8

Subjects: English Language Proficiency

Purpose: Administered to English Learners to evaluate English proficiency. For more information visit the WIDA website. Administered in accordance with the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 §1111 (b)(3)(C)(ix)(III). 

 varies by subject/grade

Results: Student results are reported in three ways: as raw scores, scale scores, and English language proficiency (ELP) levels. Scores are reported for each of the four language domains and in several composites as follows:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing

Testing window:  Feb. 3–March 28 (Tentative) 

Dyslexia Screening

Grades K-8

The school district will screen students for characteristics of dyslexia, in order to provide appropriate interventions through the existing RTI procedures in place.  Parents will receive notification of results that indicate dyslexia characteristics.

STAR Reading

Grades K-8

Subjects: Reading

Purpose: This assessment is administered to assess students' reading levels, allowing teachers to design instruction and supports to strengthen students' reading proficiency.

Length: varies by grade and student reading ability

Results: These results will be utilized by school personnel to identify students' reading levels. Results are made available to parents following each assessment window.

  • Test #1 (in computer lab): September 6-13
  • Test #2 (in computer lab): January 13-17
  • Test #3 (in computer lab): April 7-11/May 7-14

TCAP Parent Resources

The Tennessee Department of Education has developed the following parent resources for the new TCAP Assessment. Please, visit for more information.