Foundational Literacy Skills Plan

As of June 1, 2021, the Newport City School System's Foundational Literacy Skills Plan has been approved by the Tennessee Department of Education and meets the requirements of the Tennessee Literacy Success Act. All portions of the Foundational
Literacy Skills plan were submitted to the department and approved. To view the supplemental artifacts, please contact the district directly.
A copy of the Foundational Literacy Skills Plan (FLSP) can be downloaded below.
Additional questions about portions of the plan can be answered by using the contact list below.

Contact List

Asbury, Rebekah
RTI / Interventionist
(423) 623-3811 x328
Messer, Amy
Federal Programs Supervisor
(423) 623-3811 x343
Norton, Justin
Systems & Assessment Supervisor
(423) 623-3811 x324
Short, Michael
(423) 623-3811 x209