Newport Grammar School Meets 5-Year Goals - August 2021

In the spring of 2016, the Newport City School System rolled out a five-year strategic plan to implement in the 2016-17 school year. At the time of its development, many of the goals were high targets for Newport Grammar School. The goals were broad, covering many categories: academics, technology, staffing, communication, and facilities.

One of the major undertakings for the district was the goal associated with technology, as part of a shift in educational technologies and a push for greater student technology literacy. A multi-year project began in the summer of 2016 aimed to eventually have a device in every students’ hands within five years. Through the use of strategic budgeting, participating in state partnerships, and grant funding, the district reached its goal in 2020 of having a one-to-one ratio of devices in grades kindergarten through eighth.

By the summer of 2021, the administration reported to the Newport City Board of Education that the school system would soon have met every goal it had set just five years earlier. With the use of ESSER 3.0 funding, the final two projects under the facilities goal could be completed. With the development of the school systems’ next five-year strategic plan underway, the focus continues to be on maintaining and enhancing existing goals, while also looking ahead.

Since 1898, Newport Grammar School has focused on providing a high quality learning environment for the students it serves. With that, comes the challenge of meeting ever-changing student and community needs. Moving forward, the school system continues to prioritize providing a 21st century learning experience for all of its students.