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Board 5-yr Plan

Newport City Board of Education

5-year Plan



Goal One: Provide excellence in programs


Strategy One: Provide a rigorous curriculum aligned with state performance standards.


Performance Measures

Performance Objectives

Pacing guides will be developed

Pacing guides will reflect content and assessments planned for academic year at all grade levels in all subjects.


Strategy Two: Provide excellence in instruction focusing on research based methods and strategies


Performance Measures

Performance Objectives

TCAP Proficiency

Percentage of students scoring proficient/advanced will increase by 4% annually until all students have achieved proficient/advanced status

State Writing Assessment

Increase three-year average scores by .1 annually

Gateway Algebra I Test

Increase advanced level of students taking Gateway Algebra I test by 1% annually until 100% achievement



Strategy Three: Provide a high quality, diverse athletic program


Performance Measure

Performance Objective

Athletic Conference

Participate within an Athletic Conference by 2009

Athletic Teams

Study the feasibility of organizing the following teams:

Girls softball

Track team

Football team


Develop a plan by 2009 to address athletic facilities, uniforms, and equipment in the following areas:

Painting of gymnasium and locker rooms

Refinishing gymnasium floor and stage area

Securing track facilities and required equipment

Secure softball field and required equipment

Secure football field and required equipment

Purchase and replacement of uniforms and equipment for athletic teams







Goal Two: Provide quality learning environment


Strategy One: Provide safe, clean, secure, and well-maintained facilities


Performance Measure

Performance Objective

Maintenance plan

Develop plan by 2009 to maintain and replace equipment and building property in the following categories:






Maintenance equipment


Storage tanks

Management of property

Update all inventory files and maintain inventories by use of computer database by 2009

Cleanliness plan

Develop plan to provide adequate number of custodians as required to clean building at or above satisfactory by 2010

Update job descriptions by 2010

Develop a plan to provide custodial training to custodians by 2010

Safety plan

Revise school safety plans and procedures by 2009 to meet requirements of state and federal government

Develop plan to evaluate reliability of safety plan on an annual basis by 2009

Growth/enrollment plan

Complete a study to determine future enrollment in grades K-8 by 2010

Development of plan by 2010 to provide facilities to promote academic excellence for anticipated increased enrollment

·       Study cost of constructing one more pod of six classrooms above present first grade classrooms

·       Plan for future expansion by adding on to primary building by construction of a second pod of six classrooms at ground level attached to present kindergarten pod

·       Study ways to fund building project through local government financing and/or system funding








Goal Three: Provide quality educators


Strategy One: Provide quality, on-going staff development for all educators


Performance Measure

Performance Objective

Staff development aligned with goals/action plans (TCSPP, TSIP)

Planned staff development will be guided by documented needs per test data, needs assessment, etc. as they relate to the TCSPP and TSIP


Strategy Two: Recruitment of staff


Performance Measure

Performance Objective

Diversity of faculty and staff

Initiation of procedures to increase the number of applicants from diverse backgrounds by 2009













Strategy Three: Provide appropriate work conditions to maintain employee satisfaction


Performance Measure

Performance Objective

Employee satisfaction

Improvement of level of employee satisfaction related to identified priorities as demonstrated by an annual Employee Satisfaction Survey

Employee salaries, benefits, and satisfaction

Improvement and maintenance annually of competitive position in regards to employee salaries, benefits, and satisfaction


Goal Four: Maintain fiscal stability, responsibility and accountability


Strategy One: Focus expenditures on instruction


Performance Measure

Performance Objective

Instructional expenditures

Maintenance of instructional expenditures at ______ annually

Operational expenditures

Prediction and control of expenses by annual tracking of current versus historical expense data by category

Salary and benefit costs

Preparation of system-wide salary and benefit increase scenarios annually based on market comparisons





Strategy Two: Utilize forecasting tools to communicate future needs


Performance Measure

Performance Objective

Facility and equipment plan

Development of five year schedule projecting facility and equipment needs

Operational expenditures

Establish baselines for various components of system expenditures by 2009


Strategy Three: Provide exemplary human resource and financial services


Performance Measure

Performance Objective

Board policy

Agreement of board policy and school system practice by 2009



Goal five: Implement plan to promote school system


Strategy One: Develop varied parental involvement activities


Performance Measure

Performance Objective

Attendance at Parent Involvement activities

Increase number of parents attending activities by 15% each year of plan







Strategy Two: Provide school system information to community


Performance Measure

Performance Objective

Media coverage

Continue positive relationship with local newspaper and radio stations

Community activities/civic meetings

Encourage participation in community activities; attend civic meetings and encourage presentations by students and staff